Surface Engraving

Surface engraving is the process by which a machine engraves desired text, logos, symbols, etc, on the surface of plastics, metals and glass. Generally surface engraving will consist of only two colors.

Laser Engraving

Plastic/Acrylic/Wood: Capable of cutting any shape and engraving any logo or graphic. Unlimited fonts and text size. Unlimited color choices available with reverse engraved plastics.

Metal: Crisp black letters, graphics and logos permanently engraved onto Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Anodized Steel, Brass & Chrome.vTypical applications would include: Tags, Nameplates, Panel Graphics, Medical Tools, Industrial Equipment, Stainless Steel Switch & Receptacle Plates.

Reverse Engraving

Reverse engraving differs from traditional engraving in several ways. Instead of engraving on the exposed surface of the material the text is engraved on the backside of the plastic. The engraved areas are left clear and then paint filled allowing for multiple colors. Reverse engraving is ideal for abusive applications such as food processing industry, clean room environments and wash down areas and areas exposed to certain chemicals or high temperature applications.

Sandblast Engraving

To achieve the best result we employ a process that is crisp, clean and consistent. Names and patterns can be carved on glass, wine bottles, wine glasses, vases or any other surface using this method. Fine particles of abrasive are blown by air pressure that cuts away the surface area based on the pattern adapted.

Plastic Nameplate Engraving

For equipment identification and control panels in electrical rooms, mechanical room pump houses, control centers ...etc. Nameplates are made of quality plastic, durable chip-proof, shatterproof, and resistant to staining. Standard nameplates are 1/16" thick, 2-ply, with beveled edges, engraved on one side only with adhesive for easy mounting. 1/32" and 1/8" thick material available on request. Standard letter height is 1/4" unless otherwise specified.

Options available:

  • a) 1/8" thick engraving stock
  • b) 3-ply engraving stock
  • c) Letter sizes: 1/16" - 6"
  • d) Nameplate size: 1/4" - 24"
  • e) Over 50 color combinations

Nameplate Company Laser Markings... provide laser engraving, laser etching and laser marking services on a variety of materials and products. We take great pride in our quality service and delivery. Most orders are completed within one business day. We understand the importance of meeting our customer's needs, paying attention to each individual detail as well as delivery in a timely manner. Therefore if you have any concerns or questions about the laser engraving process we encourage that you engage with us early on and request any samples if needed. We will process then at no charge.

Our System... is ideal for applications requiring a unique identification for product traceability. Laser etching is a permanent process that etches without contact and marks without inks or dyes. The mark created by laser engraving is clean and precise. The process is computer controlled. This produces a mark that accurate with precise repeatability. This is an attractive alternate to traditional marking methods such as ink stamping, chemical etching, pad printing, or mechanical engraving. It is also faster than mostmethods. Since permanence is a hallmark of laser marking, our system is ideally suited to generate high clarity mark and aftermarket traceability. Laser engraving your logo or company trademark can improve the market appearance of your product. Depending on the product requirements, the laser settings can be adjusted to vary depth and darkness of mark.

Our Laser Equipment... can mark alphanumeric, logos, graphics, serial numbers and bar codes. The alphanumeric characters can be marked with most of MS Windows fonts. Laser marking can be performed on a variety of materials. The materials we have marked include bare metals, coated or plated metals, anodized and non-anodized aluminum, carbide, ceramic, titanium, brass, copper and most plastics.